About My Photography

Many of the photographs displayed on this website were taken near my home on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Here the wide variety of habitats, including open fields, woodlands, ponds, streams, and marshes, support abundant wildlife throughout the year. Other photographs were taken on various trips to locations in Florida, Texas, and Arizona. Scientific studies have shown that many bird species are in steep decline, due to loss of habitat, disease, pesticide use and climate change, to mention a few causes. Hopefully through awareness, education, and the preservation of fragile habitats, these population declines will stabilize. While no photograph can ever fully capture the living thing, it is my hope that these pictures might bring the viewer to a greater awareness and appreciation of the birds and animals right here in our midst. Such an appreciation could inspire us to a greater desire to preserve and protect the wildlife that grace our fragile planet, and thereby give us a role in reducing their decline. I feel strongly that we must protect this precious natural resource for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.


I find nature photography a very energizing pursuit for me, and imagery is a powerful way to show the beauty and fragileness of nature. It is a multi-faceted challenge to capture images of the natural world with my camera. Whenever possible, I try to depict action or behavior, but as any nature photographer knows, uncooperative subjects, poor lighting, or bad weather can turn an outing into a frustrating experience. Patience, persistence and luck pay off in nature photography, and my knowledge of bird behavior has been a great asset. I switched to digital in 2003 when I purchased a small point-and-shoot camera. In 2007, I upgraded to a serious digital SLR system better suited for nature photography. To capture these images I use a Nikon D4 and a Nikkor 500mm super telephoto lens with a Wimberly tripod head. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is used to process my images.